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Tire Industry Financial Recap: Price Increases Continue, Highlights from Q3 2018

For 2018, tire manufacturers expect low single-digit volume growth after many have increased prices on their products.

Tire Industry Financial Outlook 2018
Tire Industry 2Q Report: Threat of Price Increases Impacts Volume

Manufacturers are considering base price realignments in response to higher than expected raw material costs.

tire distribution outlook tire rack
Weak Industry Demand May Continue Despite a Strong Economy

Tire industry unit demand growth has been painfully slow in a strong economy, and we fear this is a new normal.

tire industry financial outlook
Tire Industry Financial Outlook: Recap of 2017 and What to Expect This Year

The 2017 financial results reported from tire manufacturers disappointed, but there is optimism around the second half of 2018 expectations.

Tire Industry Financial Outlook 2018
U.S. Tire Demand Near All-Time High

Once you eliminate the noise around the politics of a weak economy and look at the facts, it appears the U.S. tire market is ready to break records. The U.S. replacement tire business (which is greater than 80% of industry volume) is facing demand never before seen in the truck and bus radial (TBR) segment. 

U.S. Tire Market Improvement on the Horizon

The most dependable way to predict the future is to understand the present. In this article, we’ll diagnose the health of the end-markets today and provide some directional guidance on tire demand going forward. The tire industry is highly correlated to GDP growth which has been growing in the low to mid-2% range recently versus

U.S. Tire Market Concerns

Solid U.S. consumer tire demand outlook intact…for now