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Autel Releases New MaxiSYS ADAS MA600 Calibration System

Autel’s new MaxiSYS ADAS Calibration System is a more portable calibration solution with a frame that folds and dissembles for transport.


Autel has introduced the Autel MA600, the company’s new MaxiSYS ADAS Calibration System.

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The Autel MaxiSYS ADAS Calibration System is now more portable with a frame that folds and disassembles for transport and to calibrate in multiple locations, the company says.

The MA600 software provides calibration procedures for camera-based systems with accessories and oversize AVM patterns available to purchase separately. The new step-by-step tutorial graphics and five-line laser leveling process offer a quicker and more efficient centering and squaring procedure of the vehicle to the calibration frame, Autel says.

The MA600 is compatible with the following tablets: MS906BT, MS906TS, MS908, MS908P, MS908S, MS908SP, MSELITE and MSADAS. All tablet models require an additional one-time purchase software application upgrade, except MSADAS. Tablets with previously active ADAS application software will not be compatible with MA600.

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