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Attention: Please Post This Important Safety Information for Your Customers


Last year, American Honda released a poster designed to help keep your customers safe. That poster identified certain Honda and Acura vehicles that may have been affected by the Takata airbag inflator recalls affecting customers at that time. Since then, the inflator recalls have expanded, so we have provided an updated poster below that includes additional Honda and Acura vehicles that were not part of the earlier recalls. It also includes a toll free phone number and web addresses where you or your customers can check a vehicle’s recall completion status. Please replace your existing posters with this latest version, and if you do not already have a poster on display, please share this information with your employees and customers right away by placing this poster in a visible location.

Please note that the new poster also distinguishes those vehicles considered to be of highest risk of rupture. This determination was made by the federal government based on scientific analysis by Takata of PSDI front driver airbag inflators – so-called “Alpha” inflators – removed from recalled 2001-2003 Honda and Acura vehicles in the state of Florida revealed a very high rupture rate in laboratory testing.

Based on this analysis, Honda concurs with the U.S. Secretary of Transportation’s recommendation that this particular sub-group of 313,000 “Alpha” vehicles should only be driven to a dealer in order to have their Takata airbag inflators replaced as rapidly as possible. There is an abundant supply of replacement inflators and the repair is free of charge and can be completed quickly.

With your help, we can help ensure that our shared customers are driving a vehicle that is safe. Please check VINs at for Honda vehicles and for Acura vehicles or call 1(888) 234-2138 for open recalls. If a vehicle needs a recall repair, please advise the vehicle’s owner to contact their local dealer immediately to arrange the free repair.

Click here to download the e-poster PDF.

Again, please keep this poster in a convenient location for your staff and customers to see.

American Honda Motor, Co., Inc. appreciates your support and cooperation in this effort to help keep our shared customers safe.

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