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Ateq Launches New TPMS Tool


AteqVT36-toolAteq TPMS Tools released its newest TPMS sensor activation and programming tool, the Ateq VT36, during the Reifen Essen trade show in Germany.


The Ateq VT36 allows service providers to activate and display all sensor data in seconds, program all leading universal aftermarket sensors, elect vehicles by make model year look-up, and search sensor replacement part numbers,

Additionally, the tool features an easy-to-read display with adjustable backlight, user-friendly navigation and command buttons, frequent database updates via PC desktop software, and the interface in 19 languages.

According to Ateq, the VT36 is affordable and enables shops to reset 100% of Direct Type Non-OBDII relearned vehicles.

“Ateq is committed to helping technicians service vehicle TPMS systems across all makes and all models 100% of the time. Our universal tool designs have intuitive functions that provide service bay operators with tools capable of reading, cloning, programming, activating, etc. – a myriad of sensors brands across the board,” said Brandon Montney, Ateq’s TPMS sales manager.


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