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Tire Pros Hassle free guaranteed marketing campaign

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ATD’s Tire Pros Officially Launches Million-Dollar Ad Campaign

ATD’s Tire Pros launched Thursday a new, million-dollar ad campaign highlighting the work of its franchisees’ hassle-free customer service.


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Tire Pros, a subsidiary of American Tire Distributors (ATD) and the nation’s largest network of independent tire dealers, launched Thursday a new, million-dollar ad campaign highlighting the work of Tire Pros franchisees’ hassle-free customer service.

“This campaign is a tribute to and investment in our franchisees, who truly are the beating heart of our business,” said Ron Sinclair, president of Tire Pros and senior vice president of retail strategy and partnerships for ATD. “We’ve made a promise to deliver hassle-free service, and Tire Pros franchisees are making that promise a reality every day. That’s the message we’re sending to consumers all over the country through this ad campaign. With ATD’s support as the nation’s leading tire distributor, Tire Pros is helping their franchisees across the country thrive and drive into the future.”

Developed in collaboration with Tire Pros’ Mission-Based and National Dealer Councils and Tire Pros’ agency of record, Charlotte-based LGA, the campaign features an array of creative assets, including a commercial that previewed earlier this summer and begins airing Thursday across streaming TV and programmatic video platforms Hulu and Tremor. The commercial touts Tire Pros as part of a return to simplicity.


“Your first set of wheels didn’t come with complications, or strings, or hassles,” the voiceover says. “It can be that way again.”

In the weeks ahead, the campaign will also roll out a series of never-before-seen social ads, entitled “Said no one ever.” Each ad features everyday hassles such as a flat tire or flashing engine light standing in the way of life’s routines, major milestones and great adventures, followed by the Tire Pros brand promise to protect consumers from the unnecessary roadblocks in life.

Tire Pros social media cards advertising

Tire Pros’ new ad campaign features its “Hassle Free. Guaranteed.” promise.

Designed to drive brand awareness and traffic to Tire Pros locations, the integrated campaign also includes online video, print and radio, and will be available for use in dealers’ local markets as well as in regional campaigns.

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