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Arnco Expands Flatproofing Output at Ohio Plant

(Akron/Tire Review) Arnco announced that it is expanding production output at its processing plant in Berea, Ohio, which opened one year ago.


The flatproofing supplier said it is more than 25% ahead of projections in meeting worldwide demand for polyurethane flatproofing products.

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“Equipment operators are doing everything they can to get more wear from their tires because of today’s severe tire shortage, and we would not be able to meet this increased demand for flatproofing if we had not opened the Berea facility last July,” said Larry Carapellotti, president of Arnco.

The 112,000-square foot facility has produced more than 50 million pounds of polyurethane products over the last year, according to Joe Negrey, vice president of operations.

“Historically, flatproofing has been widely used in steel mills, scrap yards, land fills, mines, factories and wherever the operating environment is hazardous to conventional pneumatic tires,” said Carapellotti. “It is now being used on larger off-road tires for virtually all applications because it dramatically extends the life of the tire.”

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