Anyline Displays Fast-Scanning Solution at SEMA [video]

Anyline Displays Fast-Scanning Solution at SEMA [video]

Tire Review caught up with Karen Savage, Anyline's head of sales, at this year's SEMA Show to learn about how the company is using neural networks and machine learning for a speedy scanning solution.

Vehicle Identification Numbers, Tire Identification Numbers, license plate numbers… the amount of information that must be gathered to perform even the simplest service can be enough to make any technician’s head spin. Is it a simple task? Of course. Is it time-consuming? Absolutely.

Tire Review caught up with Karen Savage, Anyline‘s head of sales, at this year’s SEMA Show in Las Vegas to learn more about how the company is using neural networks and machine learning to speed up this process – up to 20 times faster, the company says. Anyline says its scanning solutions allow technicians (or anyone who can hold a smartphone) to read, interpret and process visual information in milliseconds with any camera-enabled mobile device.

Earlier this year, Anyline teamed up with Discount Tire to deploy the solution across its 1,100 stores nationwide. Watch the video above to hear about how the partnership is going, how the technology works, other uses for the technology and more.

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