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Another Valve Stem Recall Launched

Dill Air Controls Products announced the voluntary recall of automobile tire stem valves sold in the U.S. between November 2006 and July 2007.


The snap-in rubber valve stems under recall were manufactured by Topseal (Shanghai) Auto-Parts Co., in Shanghai, China, and imported and distributed by Dill Air Controls Products under its Dill ACP brand name.

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Dill has concluded the problem relates to two specific lots manufactured in July 2006, and, based on its data, Dill said upwards of 200,000 valve stems may be involved. Because the lot number in molded into the portion of the valve stem installed within the tire/wheel assembly, Dill said the specific lots of stems cannot be traced. Therefore, the recall includes a wider range of stems than just those “likely to contain the defect.”

According to Dill, the valve stems “may lack the required additive to protect the rubber against deterioration from ozone exposure. As a result, affected valve stems, when subjected to high levels of ozone, may weather and crack earlier than normal for this product. Over time, such a crack could progress to the point that it leaks air resulting in a loss of tire pressure. Loss of tire pressure can result in a flat tire and/or loss of vehicle control.”
Dill advises all consumers that bought new tires between November 2006 and July 2007 to have their valve stems inspected for cracks. Those that do will be replaced for free, Dill said.


For more information, visit or call 888-364-2982. (Tire Review/Akron)


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