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Alligator Adds 8th-Gen. Corvette Coverage to Sens.It TPMS

The Corvette is one of the first General Motors models to support Auto Learn.


Alligator RS universal TPMS sensors now cover the eighth-generation, mid-engine, Chevrolet Corvette (C8) and provides the full array of OE functionalities included in this new luxury sports car.

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The Corvette is one of the first General Motors models to support Auto Learn, which allows the vehicle to auto-locate TPMS sensor locations after a tire rotation has been completed. The C8 also features a Tire Fill Alert System that indicates via audial and visual cues when a tire is being inflated.

When filling a tire, the turn signal will flash on the corner that is being filled and inform the driver that the optimal tire pressure has been reached during inflation by sounding a single horn chirp. If the tire is accidentally over-inflated, the vehicle will sound three successive horn chirps.
Chevy also uses the tire temperature data available through each TPMS sensor to more carefully control ABS and other performance functions of the car.


TPMS sensors don‘t measure tire temperature directly (they measure the temperature of the TPMS sensor‘s microprocessor, not actual internal tire temperature), but by utilizing successful data modeling, the temperature check provides one more piece of information that can be utilized to enhance the driving experience. The C8 TPMS system also contributes to proper functioning of the StabiliTrack/ESC system for
anti-skid protection.

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