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All This and More – for $300


What if someone came into your shop today and told you they would do all your marketing and promotion, would represent you and your products at numerous trade shows across the continent, would produce dozens of print and video news releases supporting your business, would monitor media coverage of your business in virtually every newspaper from coast-to-coast, give countless presentations extolling the virtues of your products, and keep you abreast of various federal and state legislative action that might impact your company?


Oh, and that they would do all that for, say, $300 per year?
I suspect half of you, being somewhat cynical, would question that person’s sanity. The rest would probably blow out a hamstring running for your checkbook.
For the princely sum of $300 per year, you can get all that – and more. Right now. Simply by becoming a member of TRIB – the Tire Retread Information Bureau.
That’s $25 a month, all for an organization that looks out for your best interests 24/7. That’s less than a Coke a day for an ever-vigilant band that protects your business from knee-jerk claims that retreads are the cause of “all those tire parts on the road,” the witless attacks by lazy newspaper reporters, and the incessant babblings of unknowing politicians ®€œprotecting the public."


Harvey Brodsky, TRIB’s managing director, has been a friend of the tire industry for decades. In fact, he’s friends with practically everyone in this business. I’ve never seen anyone work harder to support this industry, and I’ve never seen anyone take greater joy in his job.
But this isn’t about Harvey, even though it easily could be. Harvey truly does walk the talk. He travels thousands of miles each year attending conferences, trade shows and meetings. And he talks through dozens of presentations, newsletters and releases, speeches and meetings. He lives retreads, he loves retreads, he drives on retreads.
No, this is all about the fact that TRIB does so much, delivers such incredible value, on such a thin budget – due to a lack of interest and support from you. If it can be done for a dollar, TRIB has to find a way to get it done for 50 cents. There are no fancy “TRIB World Headquarters.” No limo rides and first-class seats, either. Expensive equipment and high-priced staff? Forget about it.
If you don’t think TRIB impacts your business, think again.
Consider what retreading means to just one segment of this business. According to industry stats, of the 38.8 million medium truck tires shipped in 1999, 17.4 million units were retreads. That’s 45% of the entire medium truck tire market – 55% of the entire medium truck tire replacement market.
Manufacture or sell tires – any type of tires, especially those likely to be retreaded? You need to be part of TRIB.
Own and operate a retread shop – producing any type of retread? You’d better to join TRIB.
– Commercial dealer who creates tire programs for Class 7 or 8 fleets and owner operators? You must join TRIB.
– Tire dealer who sells to and services fleets that uses retreads – even if you don’t directly handle them? Come on, TRIB needs you.
– Sell or supply any products or materials to commercial tire dealers or retreaders? One word –  TRIB.
So pick up a pen and write this number down: 888-473-8732. Call anywhere in North America for a membership application, or e-mail for one at [email protected] (Those outside North America can call collect at 831-372-1917). Most memberships cost $300, but there are different rates for larger and smaller members. If you need more convincing, call or e-mail Harvey.
More importantly – after you send in your application and fee, of course ®€“ call Harvey and ask him what you can do to help carry the torch. As they say, “It’s easier to write a check than do it yourself.” In this day and age, it’s going to take a stronger TRIB and greater field efforts to keep this industry growing.

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