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Pirelli aston martin electric rapid e


All-Electric Aston Martin to Use Pirelli P Zero Tires

The all-electric model of the Aston Martin Rapid E will be equipped with Pirelli P Zero tires created specifically for the model it is fitted to.



Pirelli is the official technical partner for the new Aston Martin all-electric Rapide E, helping to deliver Aston Martin’s distinct performance, the Italian tiremaker announced this week.

Like many Aston Martins before, the all-electric model will be equipped with Pirelli P Zero tires created specifically for the model it is fitted to. This new Aston Martin will require different fitments for the two axels: 245/35ZR21 (96Y) XL P Zero ncs on the front and 295/30ZR21 (102Y) XL P Zero ncs at the rear.

Pirelli’s engineers are working alongside counterparts from Aston Martin to fine-tune the tire specifications to complement the style and performance of the car’s new zero-emission powertrain characteristics, Pirelli said in a news release.


The Pirelli P Zero tires fitted to the new Rapide E will have low rolling resistance to help support the vehicle’s longevity on one battery charge, the tiremaker said. There is a balancing act, as the tires also have to faithfully bear every nuance of the car’s characteristics, making the need for performance and responsive handling a key factor as well. The car’s driving characteristics are balanced through individually optimized tread patterns to help ensure high performance from the rear axel to manage the torque levels of the electric motors, while maintaining low rolling resistance and wet weather performance on the front axle.


The Rapide E tires will also feature the Pirelli noise canceling system to help reduce cavity noise by using absorbing technology to reduce the frequency filtering through the car.

To symbolize each tire’s unique fit, the P Zeros for the all-electric Rapide E will carry the A4E marking on the sidewalls of the two different sized tires.

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