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ADL Takes Automotive Kitemark to Independent Garages

(Clacton, U.K./Tyres & Accessories) In a move that will likely help efforts to avoid the effects of a “Super Complaint” in the automotive service market, Automotive Distributors Limited (ADL) has announced its full support of BSI Product Services’ Kitemark scheme and is actively encouraging garages to embrace the PAS80 standard.


More than 180 installers have already applied to Kitemark scheme through ADL.

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In a stark message to automotive repairers, the company said: “Doing nothing is not an option. The bad image suffered by the motor industry is everyone’s problem – franchised dealers, independent repairers, wholesalers and suppliers. Although industry trade associations are working very hard to draw up one acceptable code of practice, individual businesses have to act now to start raising service standards.”

ADL is currently canvassing independent repairers on the Kitemark Scheme and has received more than 180 enquiries from garages wishing to adopt the PAS80 standard. It also aims to produce a service specification document providing practical information on how to achieve the Kitemark and PAS80 standard.

Simon Hutchinson, ADL marketing manager, said: “The Super Complaint is coming, and we’re playing our part in alerting the whole industry – suppliers, media, motor factors and repairers – to its potentially hazardous consequences. The Kitemark scheme offers independent repairers the opportunity to raise standards in vehicle servicing and at the same time enhance the industry’s reputation among motorists.”

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