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New Online Parts Catalog


ACDelco introduced a new online parts catalog and stand-alone parts ordering system – the ACDelco Connection – for parts sales meant to replace WIP.

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“Staying a step ahead in today’s rapidly changing eCommerce world saves our customers time and money – the two big enablers of any successful independent service center,” said Stephen C. Sigg, ACDelco eBusiness manager.

According to the company, ACDelco Connection is Web-based, so no software is needed. It also offers the following features:

  • Access to ACDelco’s nearly 90,000 parts across 37 product lines for GM brands as well as Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan, Honda and most other vehicles on the road today, along with other products that an ACDelco supplier stocks.
  • A news hub and video command center geared specifically to the trade.
  • The ACDelco Community, located within the Connection, allows professionals to communicate with peers to share best practices.
  • A mobile/handheld site with VIN scanning that allows parts lookup in three separate sections: Stock check, catalog and place order.
  • Connection Training gives new users short videos that describe how to use the various Connection features. Quick reference guides provide an overview of featured products, and a feedback button gives users an opportunity to request additional topics.
  • Personalization for direct accounts, including custom skin changes and local inventory tracking, as well as a promotion code to target a one-time event such as training or a trade show.
  • Integration with shop management systems including RO Writer, Mitchell 1, Gem-Car and Protractor.

ACDelco noted that Connection will continue to feature ACDelco specialty catalogs.

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