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Fast-Tracking Business Expansion & Change with Aaron Telle [Audio]


Expanding from one store to two is hard enough, but imagine expanding from one to 19 stores in the span of 10 years. If you think that sounds like a daunting task, you’re not alone, but that’s the feat Aaron Telle, owner of Telle Tire & Auto Centers based in St. Louis, Missouri, accomplished after taking over his family’s business in 2009.


In this episode of Johnny g & Friends, presented by Firestone, Aaron reveals his toolkit for rapid expansion of his family business that’s celebrating its 80th anniversary this year. Johnny g and Aaron delve into:

  • How Aaron’s great-grandfather, Arthur, started the business during World War II as a recapping business, and Johnny g describes how he met Aaron’s grandfather, Chuck. (1:56)
  • Lessons Aaron has learned from his grandfather, Chuck, and his father, Scott. (3:50)
  • The growth strategy behind Telle Tire’s expansion from one store to 19 stores in 10 years and how Aaron helped his employees “care and think like a Telle” about the business. (5:32)
  • The employee-focused reason Aaron decided to close all Telle Tire locations on Saturdays. (7:49)
  • The biggest challenges Aaron sees on the horizon for Telle Tire. (11:15)
  • What motivates Aaron to continue to improve the business and increase his knowledge of business and the tire industry. (13:16)
  • Telle Tire’s footprint for the future, what Aaron’s focusing on for the business for 2022 and what Aaron feels fueled the business’s rapid expansion. (13:59)

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