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60% of U.K. Retailers Support Cold Weather Tyres Initiative

(Clacton, U.K./Tyres & Accessories) A survey of NTDA retail members has found that 60% are calling on the industry to develop the market.


The survey revealed that only 41% of retailers actually stocked cold weather tyres (CWTs), and more than 85% thought that motorists still saw CWTs as snow tyres.

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Commenting on the survey, NTDA Director Richard Edy said: “Cold Weather Tyres have always been regarded as a niche market in the U.K., unlike other Northern European Countries where the market is firmly established – even in those countries where the weather conditions are very similar to the U.K.

"The potential for these specialist tyres, which perform significantly better in temperatures below 7°C, is very exciting. We see initial sales centring on the more discerning motorists who demand the very best performance from their vehicle, and tyres. I am delighted that so many retailers share our view that this market should be developed.”

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