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4 Common Sales Errors


1. Fearing the customer’s reaction. When salespeople are afraid of what a customer might say, they end up losing sales opportunities because they don’t find out what the customer really wants. For example, what if the customer says, “Your price is too high.” It’s a knee-jerk reaction to offer a lower price. Instead, be proactive and try to uncover the unique buying criteria important to that customer so the price objection doesn’t come up in the first place.salesman


2. Rushing to judgment. As a salesperson, you should focus all of your attention on your customers and their needs. It’s all too easy to swoop in to present a solution instead of listening to your customer’s complaints and the specifics of the situation. In this rush to cut to the chase, your customer ends up feeling their input is unimportant and unappreciated.

3. Treating all objections with the same approach. Some salespeople have a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to dealing with customer objections. They may offer to lower their price or automatically throw in so-called “value addded” extras. When you respond to objections with concessions, customers learn that whenever they complain, they’re rewarded. It’s better for both you and your customer if you listen to what your customer tells you, then go from there. Slowing down and listening when you reach a business relationship speed bump works better in the long run than always trying to swerve around them.


4. Beating a dead horse. How do you know when, despite your best efforts, your customer relationship is beyond saving and, therefore, taking up more time than it’s worth? Maybe that’s when a customer is demanding, even confrontational, yet provides you with little to no business. Sometimes customers like this actually cost you money because you spend so much time trying to please them.


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