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2019 Newsmakers: TBC Corporation

TBC Corp. released many new tires in 2019, and also launched its new brand, National Tire. See what’s in store for 2020.


Tire Review is showcasing 2019 “Newsmakers” — companies that have made headlines in the past year with tire-related news about new technology, plant openings, marketing initiatives, dealer program updates, product launches and more — that made the list as determined by top engagement on tirereview.comAfter a brief overview of each Newsmakers’ newsworthy item(s), you’ll find a company executive’s answer to this question: What can dealers and the tire industry as a whole expect from your company in 2020?

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News in 2019

TBC Corp. not only released a plethora of new tires in 2019, including winter tires, a premium performance line, tractor tires and OTR tires, it also launched its new brand, National Tire. The National brand is exclusively distributed by National Tire Wholesale (NTW) retailers and all tools needed to become a retailer are included in the site.


Erik R. Olsen, President & CEO:

“In 2020, TBC Corporation will continue our Customer First initiative that fuels us each and every day, and customers will notice our attention to detail and to the customer experience through initiatives including our ‘Shop of the Future’ concept that we’re rolling out at our NTB and Tire Kingdom locations.

“At TBC Corporation, we strive to be the trusted and recognized leader in the replacement tire and automotive service industry through superior service, integrity, quality products and innovation that exceeds the expectations of customers, associates, franchisees, supplier partners and shareholders.  We maintain our industry-leading position by always putting the customer first with the customer having many applications, both internal customers, our own associates and external customers.


“In 2020, customers will continue to see a steadfast focus on the customer experience from all of our business units across retail, franchise, distribution and e-commerce. We will continue our Customer First initiative that fuels us each and every day and customers will notice our attention to detail and to the customer experience through initiatives including our Shop of the Future concept that we’re rolling out at our NTB and Tire Kingdom locations.

“Throughout 2020, we will work alongside our Midas and Big O Tires franchisees to build on the momentum from 2019 with regards to profitability reinforced through our Profitability Meetings aimed at sharing best practices for growing sales, decreasing expenses and increasing gross profit. Brand standardization efforts will again reinforce our commitment to our customers and their overall experience.

“NTW continued to move the needle with regards to customer experience throughout this year and we expect to build open throughout 2020, just at a quicker pace. Service promises made will translate into service promises kept for dealers as they experience our continued investment in expanding our capacity and capabilities through our vast network coverage, breadth of brands, product categories, and vendor programs including an expanded T3 program.


“On the TBC Brands side of the business, brand expansion will be a theme in both the consumer and commercial sector. Specific to trailer tires, we will release the Towmax Vanguard Premium ST Radial tire. Utilizing next generation technology, the Towmax Vanguard will be available in 13 fitments with optimized tread depth for reduced heat build-up, decoupling grooves to minimize irregular wear, wide shoulders for improved stability and a scuff protector to reduce sidewall damage.  On the consumer side, we’ll launch new products including the:

  • Sumitomo A/S P03 developed for today’s modern sedans, coupes and crossovers with 85 sizes designed with a focus on progressive fitments, larger rims and higher speed ratings with an improved UTQG rating
  • Multi-Mile All-Terrain tire developed for drivers who want on/off road dependability and traction regardless of conditions with 46 sizes meeting the 3PMS certification 
  • National Commando AT developed to meet the needs of today’s recreational and commercial pickup, van and SUV drivers by delivering year-round traction and durability expected from rugged off-road tires without sacrificing the on-road comfort and handling through 38 available sizes with the 3PMS certification

“Our commitment remains to the customer.”


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