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2018 Business Planning Guide: Website Checklist

Be sure to take the time to review your company’s website and make sure all pages, links and details are current. This checklist will help.


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You already know that running a business can be a challenge. It takes a lot of work to keep all of your plates spinning – balancing customers, employees, operations and cash flow against your long-term goals for growth. To help keep things moving forward in a positive direction, we offer you this special 2018 Business Planning Guide. Whether you use it as a reminder, a to-do list or plan of attack in preparation for the year ahead, we hope the information will further your success.


ο Check through the pages to confirm your business information is current. That includes hours of operation, services, employee photos, and the year and date at the base of the page. 

ο Check your links. Make sure every live link on each webpage of your site is working properly. Confirm that your social links and additional information is on the website and working properly.

ο Confirm site performance across device types. Does your “click to call” functionality work if people are trying to call you from their mobile phone? Is your phone number actively linked and easy to find on your home page? Also, check out your website on across Android, iPhone, tablet and desktop computers (even across browsers (Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox) to be sure everything looks great and loads well.


ο Look for ways to improve your SEO (search engine optimization) strategy and performance. The world is becoming increasingly digital, and if you want to be found by customers, you need to be easy to find online when they’re searching for what you offer.

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To print an easy checklist of the full 24-point, 2018 Business Planning Guide click here.

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