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2011 SEMA Product Showcase


ABC Group is marketing RIMLiner, described as an impervious band that fits across the interior of a wheelacdelco advantage chassis to help prevent air from leaking out of the tire/wheel assembly while protecting the tire from the efforts of wheel corrosion and providing a barrier against natural oxidation and porosity. According to the manufacturer, RIMLiner utilizes the same equipment and methodology as tire assembly and is designed to withstand the most challenging climates.


ACDelco introduced a new, economically priced Advantage line of aftermarket chassis components designed to provide owners of older vehicles with a high-quality, brand-name alternative to competitors’ parts, the company said. Advantage Chassis products offer fit, form and function similar to that of the company’s OE service parts, according to ACDelco. The new product line will launch with more than 1,000 part numbers. All items are covered by a 12-month, 12,000-mile parts warranty.
roadmaster rm871 em
Schrader introduced an additional programming option for its EZ-sensor technology. In addition to its handheld programming tool line, the Bartec TPMS Programming Accessory Device (TPMS PAD) is designed to make programming, replacing and relearning TPMS replacement sensors quick and efficient, according to the company. In addition to providing make/model/year lookup, Bartec said its TPMS PAD features: direct reading of an existing/damaged sensor for quick programming of EZ-sensor; on-screen relearn procedures; an SD card slot for updating coverage with no Internet connection needed; and easy-to-use software.

Brake maker Brembo unveiled its new carbon-ceramic Brembo CCM-R disc for special editions and OE vehicles, as well as for high-performance aftermarket fitment. The new disc provides high thermal conductivity and maximum braking power, durability and versatility, the maker said.

Cooper’s new Roadmaster RM871 EM trailer tire has been verified by the EPA SmartWay program as a low rolling resistance tire. The RM871 EM (for “energy max”) features a fuel-efficient tread compound; stone ejectors for casing protection; wide shoulder ribs to resist scrubbing; and micro sipes on groove edges to provide enhanced traction in wet conditions and help resist “rivergun metal 7 wheel wear,” Cooper said. The tire is offered in sizes 295/75R22.5 and 11R22.5, both in load range G. The line will be expanded to include sizes 285/75R24.5 and 11R24.5.

Dick Cepek Tires & Wheels introduced its new Gun Metal 7 wheel, a high-offset machined aluminum wheel with a seven-spoke design for newer trucks and SUVs that require a higher offset, additional brake caliper clearance and the ability to use factory TPMS. According to the company, the wheel also features a tough satin clear coat that provides a layer of UV protection for superior durability and ease of care, even in harsh climates.

China Manufacturers Association launched the new Double Coin FT125 super wide, a low rolling resistance trailer position tire. Already EPA SmartWay verified, the FT125 is the first Chinese designed and produced super wide radial truck tire offered in the North American market. CMA said the new tire, available in size 445/50R22.5 with 16/32nds inch tread depth and a load index of 161, is engineered with an advanced tread compound and a low profile design to maximize Double Coin FT125durability while providing optimal fuel savings.

Falken introduced two new tires: the UHP Azenis FK453 and the WildPeak H/T, a dedicated highway, all-season M+S rated tire.

The Azenis FK453 targets sports cars and ultra-luxury coupes and sedans. Available in a wide array of sizes from 16- to 22-inch diameters, the tire delivers advances in control and grip with significant improvements in handling and reductions in road noise, according to the tiremaker.

The WildPeak H/T offers a combination of exceptional dry handling and ultra-responsive wet braking on multiple roadway surfaces, the company said. The Wildpeak’s tread pattern optimizes traction, control and durability for a smooth, solid, stable ride in every season, Falken added. The symmetric, non-directional five-rib tread design features a rigid block, provides optimal handling, firmness and comfort on the road, and allows for an optimal cross rotational maintenance approach to prolong tire life.falken azenis fk453

Gaither Tool Co. launched the GT ABB 01 agricultural bead breaker, a new GT-3531 Jack range and a new manual PLT Motorcycle tire changer. The GT ABB 01 agri bead breaking tool is designed like an impact gun to safely remove large agricultural tires from a rim. The manufacturer said its new heavy-duty jack range, with its tough and rugged appearance and ability to perform over 30,000 lifts without failures, combats the abuse of the heavy-duty workshop environment. The 35-ton rating GT 3531 Jack incorporates a number of benefits such as a wide hydraulic cylinder, three heavy-duty wide adaptors for load shifting stability and a low, minimum height facility.

Hankook unveiled its new enfren eco, an eco-friendly all-season performance tire. Designed for fuel-efficient and hybrid vehicles, the enfren eco features a high-silica tread compound that lowers the tire’s rolling resistance and provides improved wet braking and dry handling performance. Its leaf-shaped tread block design reflects its eco-friendly concept while improving fuel economy while driving, Hankook said. A solid center block allows for better steering and feel as well as lower rolling resistance. The enfren eco, which offers an 18% reduction in rolling resistance over its predecessor, will launch first in the U.S., with introductions in other markets to follow. It will be available in five sizes beginning in the first quarter of 2012, followed by three additional sizes in the second quarter of 2012.
falken wildpeak h/t
Hennessy Industries introduced the Coats EL-X Express Lane Inflation System and the Coats Pro-Ride Diagnostic Wheel Balancer.

By making tire inflation a separate part of the process, the EL-X Express Lane Inflation System promises to save up to 20% of technician time. The system is compatible with all Coats tire changers, and is accurate to within +/- 0.5 psi, said Hennessy.


The Coats ProRide Diagnostic wheel balancer is available in pneumatic locking and standard clamp locking versions, and features touchless radial runout diagnostics, wheel weight location recognition, a positioning pedal to keep the tire/wheel in place when applying weights, tape weight application options, on-screen display and a smaller footprint.

ITM introduced its TPMS program, which covers 95% of applications on the road today with two sensors: one 315 MHz and one 433 MHz, the company said. Both are SAEJ2657 compliant and readable by other diagnostic tools. Main benefits to tire dealers are reduced inventory SKUs, reduced service time from having the sensors on hand, and the elimination of lost TPMS sales, ITM noted.

Maxxis introduced three new tires: the Maxxis HT-770, Maxxis Escapade CUV and Maxxis RC-1 tire lines.
The RC-1, Maxxis’ first road racing entry, is a DOT-approved R-compound tire designed to deliver fast, consistent lap times while providing excellent heat cycle performance, the company stated. This tire is hankook enfren ecosuitable for track days, endurance and sprint races, and is available in 12 sizes.

The Escapade CUV, available in 22 sizes, is the first Maxxis tire designed specifically for crossover vehicles. Maxxis engineers created Active Response Sidewall technology, which allows the Escapade CUV to deliver excellent ride comfort around town and sporty handling during more spirited driving, Maxxis said.


The HT-770 is Maxxis’ new premium flagship highway terrain tire, featuring a 60,000-mile limited treadwear warranty on non-LT sizes. The HT-770 was designed for modern SUVs and light trucks, with a closed shoulder design and multi-pitch tread block technology to reduce perceived pattern noise, Maxxis said. To boost safety, the tire’s casing design was reinforced to stabilize the vehicle under strong cross-winds and also provide confidence under braking, the tiremaker noted. The all-season tire is available in 35 total sizes, and there are some 10-ply sizes, which include Maxxis’ heavy-duty three-ply sidewall.

Nexen debuted its N’blue Eco, a new low rolling resistance tire that boasts a lightweight design to reduce carbon emissions and a long-lasting tread compound to give drivers more miles. The N’blue Eco line includes summer and all-season versions, with 30 H, V and T speed-rated sizes ranging from 15- to 18-inch rim diameters. Available now, the tire features a low rolling resistance silica tread compound and computer-designed tread blocks to prevent irregular wear and provide longer tread life. In addition, Nexen said nexen n'blue ecovariable pitch blocks reduce noise generation, resulting in a quiet, comfortable ride.

Nitto unveiled its new active all-season UHP tire, the Motivo. Backed by a 60,000-mile limited tread wear warranty, the Motivo will be available in many 17- through 20-inch sizes with W or Y speed ratings. The tire’s tread pattern features: large tread blocks to enhance cornering performance; a continuous center rib for stability at high speeds; 3D Multi-Wave sipes and fin sipes to provide additional traction in winter conditions; and four circumferential grooves and open lateral slits for water evacuation.

Perfect Equipment added the new P-value lineup of steel clip-on wheel weights. Featuring a five-year corrosion resistance coating, an OE manufacturer-approved clip design and a lower cost per unit, Perfect Equipment said this line of products is positioned for the price-conscious buyer. The P-value series is available in all eight standard clip styles with ounce increments from 0.25 oz. to 3 oz. and gram increments from 5g to 60g.
perfect equipment's p-value steel clip-on wheel weight
Pirelli introduced its new Formula 1-derived street tire, the P Zero Silver. The tiremaker, which is the exclusive F1 tire supplier for 2011-13, said it used motorsports technology to deliver a multi-compound UHP replacement tire with increased longevity and UHP capabilities. The P Zero Silver, which will be available in the first quarter of 2012 in 8 sizes for 19- and 20-inch rim diameters, was developed for premium sport sedan and coupe drivers requiring an extended durability UHP tire. According to Pirelli, it is a sporty enthusiast tire that offers great road feel and superior performance along with safety features such as excellent wet braking and anti-aquaplaning performance.
pirelli p zero silver
Omni United launched “Ring of Hope,” a limited edition pink side-walled version of its Radar RPX 900 tire highlighting the emblematic pink color of the fight against breast cancer cause globally. It will only be available in sizes 195/60R15 and 205/55R16, which fit an array of popular vehicles such as the Mini, Ford Focus, Honda Civic, VW Beetle, BMW 320 and Chrysler PT Cruiser, among others. The tire will be available in the U.S. starting in the first quarter of 2012. Available in 14 sizes, the Radar RPX 900 is an all-season, eco-friendly tire that targets mid- to high-performance vehicles and features an asymmetrical tread design and low rolling resistance. “Mobilizing Hope” is a partnership between the Radar brand and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The tire company has pledged a donation of $1 to the BCRF for each set of four Radar tires sold over the next year, with a committed minimum annual donation of $250,000 and a goal of raising $1 million.

RimPro-Tec North America displayed its Wheel Bands, which it said “defend rims with style.” According to the company, Wheel Bands feature a patented, three-component design that puts an attractive band of tough PVC plastic between valuable wheels and hazards like curbs, car wash rails and drive-up window barriers. Customers can personalize their wheels with easy-to-swap-out color inserts that can be snapped into the mounting tracks in just a few minutes. Quick installation to rims is achieved using a specially formed, one-size-fits-all 3M acrylic foam-tape-backed PVC mounting track that can be applied to 13- to 22-inch wheels, the company added.

Vee Rubber introduced two new Vee brand tires, in addition to launching two tires in the company’s all-new Nika brand.The new Vitron ZR tire features a five rib, asymmetrical, all-season UHP tread pattern that provides a comfortable ride with superior grip, Vee said. The tire incorporates Vee’s patented “dual nature” tread design, which enables the owner to customize the tire to the car by mounting one side out for enhanced traction in wet conditions or mounting the other side out for improved dry performance. The tire is available in sizes 235/40R18 and 265/35R18.

Vee said its new Taiga A/T, available in 12 sizes ranging from 15- to 17-inch rim diameters, offers outstanding off-road capabilities while still delivering on-road traction, comfort and long life. The tire features a zig-zag and siped solid center rib to ensure a smooth ride and reduce irregular wear; a large, aggressive second row and shoulder blocks for on-road cornering; and “No-Go-Sno” circumferential grooves that evacuate water but do not allow snow to pass through, according to the tiremaker.

Because the Thailand-based tiremaker’s sales have grown, Vee created the Nika brand. The first two tires in the Nika line are the SUV/light truck Vastera all-season radial and the dual-nature Avatar passenger tire. nika vasteraThe Vastera features five zig-zag circumferential grooves for wet and snow traction; large, reinforced shoulder blocks for extra cornering grip and low noise; multiple biting edges for rain, snow and ice traction; and the tiremaker’s constant contact tread design. The Avatar offers large zig-zag circumferential grooves for water evacuation; horizontal grooves and sipes that Vee said creates a “squeegee” effect for water evacuation; multiple pitch/phase variation for a quiet ride; and constant contact design.

Germany’s Wegmann Automotive has launched its premium Hofmann wheel weight brand in the U.S. The Hofmann Power Weight, which will be available exclusively through Perfect Equipment in the U.S., offers several unique features, including corrosion protection powder coating and precise weighting for optimized fitment. Initially, Hofmann weights for European and Japanese vehicles will be introduced to the U.S. market, with domestic applications to follow.

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