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Camso Adds New Skid Steer and Forklift Tires


Camso has expanded its tire portfolio with the launch of two new skid steer tires – the Camso SKS 753 and the SKS 532 – and three new forklift tires – the Solideal RES 660 Xtreme Series, the Solideal RES 550 Magnum Series and the Solideal RES 330 Series.

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Skid Steer Tires

Camso SKS 532

Camso SKS 532

“We believe productivity and profitability can be maximized when you choose the right tire for your application,” said Mike Dembe, product management director of North America and Latin America – Construction. “Beyond offering the widest range of tires, OTT and rubber tracks, having the best solution to suit any particular application is what is really driving us.”

Built for better tire performance and durability, these next generation tires from Camso are the fourth and fifth skid steer tire the company has launched since January 2015. Both tires also incorporate Camso’s reverse sidewall design with impact guard to deflect objects and debris away from the tire in order to protect the tire from sidewall damage.


The Camso SKS 753 is the successor of the Solideal Hauler SKZ. Ideal for rental fleets and applications on mixed and hard surfaces, the bias-ply, pneumatic tire features a non-directional tread pattern optimized for durability and versatility, Camso said.

The tire’s high lug-to-void ratio provides excellent wear and puncture resistance on hard surfaces, and stepped shoulder lugs improve traction on softer surfaces, the tiremaker adds. According to Camso, the new tire outlasts its predecessor by 30%

The Camso SKS 532 is the next generation of the Solideal Xtra Wall, and is also designed to outlast its predecessor by 30%. Delivering superior traction on soft soil surfaces, the bias-ply tire is designed for optimum performance on general-duty, mixed-soft surfaces like construction and landscaping applications. The tire improves both traction and durability with its extra-deep directional tread and curved lugs and its stepped tread pattern provides mud clean out. Additionally the tire features a Void Guard to reinforce and protect the carcass to prevent punctures and minimize flats, Camso said.

Both tires are currently available in the North American market.

Forklift Tires


Camso Solideal RES 330

Camso’s new Solideal RES line-up are designed to help decrease the operating cost of a forklift and are also currently available in North America.

The Solideal RES features performance compounds and low rolling resistance that allow the tire to be highly resistant to heat. Ideal for intense applications with long runs, heavy lifting, and minimal forklift idle time, the tire’s wide profile increases stability in corners and lifting loads, Camso said. Additionally, the tire’s continuous centre lug minimizes vibrations for a smoother ride.


The Solideal RES 550 is designed for applications that require medium to heavy loads, but do not operate 24/7, Camso said. The tire’s wide profile, large footprint and deep lugs assist with stability and safety, as well as improve tire traction on rough surfaces.

The Solideal RES 330 is ideal for machines running in confined spaces on an intermittent basis. The RES 330 is the longest-lasting tire in the industry for this application and offers the lowest operating cost solution, according to Camso.

“Our new industry-leading Solideal RES tires provide maximum lifespan within an array of different application intensities so fleet managers can optimize their investment. As off-the-road experts, it’s our job to understand the unique mobility needs of any forklift application,” said Erick Bellefleur, product line executive director – Material Handling, Camso.





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