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Letter to the Editor: Should Have Used Other Sources
June 4, 2013 With regards to your March 2013 article "Step-by-Step Vehicle Alignment," I couldn't agree more with the importance of alig... read more
Letter: When it Comes to Repair, Whose Side is the RMA On?
June 12, 2012 [Editor's Note: The author of this Letter to the Editor, Philip Nigh, is a former chairman of the Tread Rubber and Tire Repair Materials Manufacturers' Group (TRMG).] I have recently learned that the Rubber Manufacturer's Asso... read more
Reader Offers Feedback on Tire Aging Issue
June 11, 2012 I'm writing you as I have read your article on tire aging called, "Simple? Naive?" in the May edition of Tire Review magazine. (... read more
Happy Surprise: Outstanding TIA Class
June 11, 2012 I just spent $950 in Orlando, Fla. You know, the land of Mickey and Min­nie Mouse. I had the greatest time with my 20-year-old son, Josh; the best we've had in years. Let me tell you, it was money well spent for my company. I att... read more
Driving More Business to Your Shop
March 15, 2012 National Car Care Month in April is the ideal time for tire dealerships to help consumers see the benefits of regular vehicle maintenance. Here's how your shop can take advantage of the timing, by offering community car care events that feature free vehicle check-ups or inspections, read more
More Dialogue Needed to Sort Out Tire Repair, Used Tire Legislation
March 12, 2012 There has been a little discussion (see First Off, February 2012) about the concept of legislation, introduced by the Rubb... read more
Lobbying Efforts 'Protecting Our House'
 By Roy Littlefield April 26, 2011 On April 14, President Obama signed H.R. 4 into law. This eliminated what is commonly known as the "1099 Reporting Requirement," which would have mandated that every business owner file a Form 1099 to the Internal Revenue Service to repo... read more
Letter to the Editor: TIA Supports 1099 Repeal
March 17, 2011 Currently, U.S. Senator Mike Johanns (R-Neb.) is working to add an amendment to a bill providing funding for 2011 for the U.S. Small Business Administration that would repeal the 1099 reporting requirement for businesses. This requirement, passed as ... read more
Letter to the Editor from RTA
February 1, 2011 Now that the dust has settled I want to thank all the folks in the retread industry who have decided to support the Retread Tire Association. The response from retreaders and suppliers has been overwhelming and we are delighted to report that we are ... read more
Letter In Support of TRIB
November 29, 2010 On Nov. 2, 2010, after 21 years as secretary/treasurer of the Tire Retread Information Bureau, I attended my final TRIB board of directors meeting. That meeting was a real privilege for me, as I had an opportunity to get a glimpse of T... read more
Need to Educate, Persuade Customers
June 30, 2010 Would you remove safety items from a vehicle because the customer requests it? I know this question seems ridiculous; of course you wouldn’t. This would not only be harmful to the customer and any of their passengers, but would ... read more
State Exec Calls for GTE Support
May 17, 2010 Thank you for your editorial (First Off, April 2010) regarding the reinvigoration of our tire industry’s presence with the Global Tire Expo in the annual Las Vegas Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week. I hope readers take note o... read more
Association Chief Lauds TR Support
May 17, 2010 On behalf of the Tire Industry Association (TIA), I want to thank you for your recent editorial (First Off, April 2010) concerning the Global Tire Expo Powered by TIA. It’s exactly through support like yours that we can continue our work of re... read more
Letter to the Editor: Littlefield Appreciates GTE Coverage
April 26, 2010 Dear Editor: On behalf of the Tire Industry Association (TIA), I want to thank you for your recent editorial concerning the Glob... read more
Missed Communications?: TIA Government Relations Efforts Plain, But Perhaps Not Seen
December 15, 2009 It is difficult to express the disappointment I feel in regard to the recent letter to the editor from Alpio Barbara (TR, October 2009) concerning TIA and its government relations activities. He questioned our activities on a number of important legi... read more
Lack of Support? Dealer Says ‘We Don’t Know How to Make Our Voices Heard’
October 13, 2009 I’m usually the type of dealer that sits back and watches as events happen in our industry. That doesn’t mean I don’t care, it’s just that as an independent dealer I don’t really know how or what I can do to change ... read more
The 'Cold, Hard Truth'
July 31, 2009 Of all that I have read on the topic of the ITC 421 “witch-hunt,” your ‘Red, White and Gray’ blog is the best of the best. No BS, no rhetoric, just the facts and cold hard truth. As a major pl... read more
Agrees to 'Walk the Talk'
April 15, 2009 I'm writing to comment on your “Walk the Talk” editorial in the March 2009 issue of Tire Review. Although I agree with nearly all of your monthly editorials, this one gets an A+ and deserves to be read by every person in the tire indust... read more
Consumer Education Program Misunderstood
April 15, 2009 Jim Smith’s Viewpoints on NHTSA’s future consumer tire education program is certainly less hysterical than TIA Executive Vice President Roy Littlefield’s rant published by another trade journal. Unfortunately, Smith misses the po... read more
Loves the Show!
February 13, 2009 Kudos and hats off to TIA and TMC officials for combining efforts to produce a show venue for the commercial trucking and tire industries. The two go hand in hand. It has been much needed since the demise of the former NTDRA and ARA. I noted that the... read more
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