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Employment Regulation Updates and Recent Activity at the Federal Level
 By Deanna Arnold April 16, 2014 There has been quite a lot of activity and proposed changes at the federal level in regards to employment law and regulations. This is creating major impacts on pretty much everyone including employees, federal contractors and companies of all... read more
Five Last Minute Tax Tips for 2014
 By Richard Lipton, CPA April 11, 2014 Are you one of the millions of Americans who haven't filed (or even started) your taxes yet? With the April 15 tax-filing deadline less than a week away, here is some last minute tax advice for you. read more
Young Social Media Users Can Learn From Older Generations
April 11, 2014 When we discuss social media, we do so in a way that refers to contemporary variations of media, chiefly Facebook or Twitter. However, such discussions would be stilted if we didn't consider social media to be more than simply Facebook or Twitter. As long as there has been media, there's been social... read more
The Ever-Changing Workforce and Generation Y
 By Deanna Arnold March 18, 2014 If you ask anyone in the workforce, particularly managers or business owners, what their experiences and thoughts are about working with Millennials (Gen Y), I can guarantee that they will have something to say about it.  It seems to be a hot to... read more
7 Common Small Business Tax Misperceptions
 By Richard Lipton, CPA March 12, 2014 One of the biggest hurdles you'll face in running your own business is staying on top of your numerous obligations to federal, state and local tax agencies. Tax codes seem to be in a constant state of flux making the Internal Revenue Code bare... read more
What's Your Exit Strategy?
March 3, 2014 In order to sell your business on your own terms, you have to be proactive, get your house in order and make sure your financial records are in shape. read more
Fleming Tire & Auto Service
 By Shana O'Malley March 1, 2014 Fleming Tire & Auto Service, a business located in Pennsylvania, shares its story on having to restart business after a fire. read more
Leveraging Co-Op Cash
 By Denise Koeth March 1, 2014 Keystone programs advance dealer marketing moves without breaking budget read more
Millennials: The New Agents of Change
 By Kristen Criswell March 1, 2014 How to reach the next generation of consumers and keep your Gen Y employees. read more
Sell Value or Pay the Price
 By Steve Ferrante March 1, 2014 Your customers will pay more money if they perceive a real value in what you offer them read more
Seven Easy Ways to Add Sales from Best One Tire & Service's John Miller
 By Jim Smith February 27, 2014 In his financial seminar for K&M Tire dealers, John Miller, director of retail for Best One Tire & Service, offered these busi... read more
It Only Takes A Moment To Destroy Your Reputation
 By Mark Claypool February 18, 2014 You've worked hard to earn your business' good name and the reputation you've built in your community. Word of mouth is one of your greatest referral sources. Whether you've been in business for months, years or decades, your reputation hangs ... read more
Love Is In The Air During February, But What About In The Workplace?
 By Deanna Arnold February 14, 2014 Workplace romances are all too common. Everybody knows someone that has either met their current spouse/partner at work, are currently dating someone they work with or have dated someone at work at one time or another during their career — wheth... read more
Cater What Your Customers Care About On Your Website
 By Mark Claypool February 11, 2014 Revamp your dealer website and advertisements to give customers what they really want. read more
Resolve To Keep Your Online Marketing Resolutions
 By Mark Claypool February 6, 2014 The 2014 year is well in gear, which makes it a great time to check to make sure you are keeping your word on your resolutions for your dealer. read more
Bast Tire & Auto Service Ltd.
 By Shana O'Malley February 1, 2014 Many business owners will tell you one key to success is having an exceptional workforce and ... read more
Building A Hybrid Service Industry
 By Matt Bemer February 1, 2014 In 2012, Matt Curry, former owner of Curry’s Auto Service shops in Virginia and 2009 Top Shop finalist, founded The Hybrid Shop to s... read more
Make Loyal Customers: Rewards Bring Rewards
 By Denise Koeth February 1, 2014 Put a customer-keeping cherry on top to keep your best, most loyal customers more loyal. read more
Time, Money & Space
 By Denise Koeth February 1, 2014 What is your dealership 'paying' you? read more
How to Get Paid on Time
 By Richard Lipton, CPA January 20, 2014 Due to current economic conditions, it's likely that collecting on your accounts receivables is becoming more and more of a challenge. Strengthening your collection procedures may allow you to improve collection rates and shorten the aging... read more
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