Hercules has released the new Hercules H-704 premium closed-shoulder deep drive axle radial tire. The H-704 features heavy-duty all-steel casting and a 30/32-inch deep...Read More

The new Mickey Thompson Extreme Country mud terrain tire will be available in spring 2015. The Extreme Country features a larger surface, long tread...Read More

TPMS manufacturer Huf Group has released the IntelliSens universal sensor. The configurable universal sensor comes with a multitude of protocols and parameters, according to...Read More

The new all-terrain BFGoodrich T/A KO2 tire from Michelin is now available in 12 sizes. Engineered from BFGoodrich’s off-road motorsports racing technology, the BFGoorich...Read More

The Coats 1150-2D wheel balancers from Hennessy Industries offer a redesigned user interface to quickly and efficiently handle the most complex balancing applications. Features...Read More

Bartec has added a wireless update for the Tech500 TPMS tool, allowing technicians to have the latest TPMS vehicle and sensor coverage. The Tech500...Read More

Pirelli recently launched the P Zero All Season Plus, designed to preform in all weather conditions. The replacement market version of Pirelli’s popular P...Read More

Nankang recently unveiled the SP-9 CUV tires. According to the Taiwan manufacturer, the evenly thin sipes on SP-9 reduce road impact and improve the...Read More

Using cloud-based software and laser technology, the Groove Glove allows tire dealer technicians to quickly complete a tire tread depth and alignment scan anywhere...Read More

The Aeolus SteeringAce Summer ultra-high performance tire is designed for sports car, sports coupe and performance sedan enthusiasts, according to Aeolus. The new SteeringAce...Read More

Bartec USA released a tool software update for its range of TPMS tools that gives users the ability to program the multi-coverage programmable sensor...Read More

Robert Bosch introduced a towel-wrap interior packaging concept for its line of Bosch Blue Disc Brake Pads. According to Robert Bosch, the concept is...Read More

Wegmann Automotive’s Perfect Equipment unit launched a new line of steel wheel weights for the North American market. The Perfect Steel clip-on weight line feature’s...Read More

Chicago Pneumatic launched three new air tools for automotive service – the CP7748TL, CP7776 and CP7749 impact wrenches. According to Chicago Pneumatic, the CP7748TL 1/2-inch...Read More

Hunter Engineering Co.’s Quick Tread drive over tread depth system uses point cloud technology to automatically measure the tread depth of each tire without...Read More

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