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Rugged Battery
The Odyssey Performance Series has expanded its battery product offering to include the Group 65 battery, according to EnerSys. The series 65-760 battery features 762 cold cranking amps, 129 reserve capacity (RC) minutes and deep cycle capability... read more
Tire/Wheel Cleaner
Wizards' All Wheel & Tire Cleaner safety removes stubborn road grime, brake dust and scum to brighten and shine wheels. The cleaner is safe for custom wheels, as well as polished aluminum, roughcast, uncoated, anodized, chrome, clear... read more
Tuner Wheel
Vision Custom Wheels' new Milanni luxury wheels are designed to enhance the visual impact of any sport or luxury tuner. The new line features brilliant painted finishes as well as new phantom chrome, sporting a mile-deep look, according to... read more
Re-Learn Tool
Ateq Corp. has released MitsuReset, the new Mitsubishi TPMS re-learn module. The MitsiReset tool is a low-cost, simple solution for performing TPMS relearns on Mitsubishi vehicles without the need for a scan tool, according to Ateq. Additionally, the... read more
Enterprise Software
MAM Software recently released a new version of their VAST Enterprise tire business management and retail POS system. The new version includes features to enhance the customer experience while better maintaining data in one system. A few updates include... read more
Trailer Radial
The Conti EcoPlus HT3 is the new premium medium truck tire for the trail axle from Continental Tire the Americas. The HT3 was developed for maximum cost effectiveness, incorporating greater fuel efficiency, long service life and retreadability, according... read more
Brake Catalog
The 2014 Braking Components print catalog reflects Bosch Diagnostic's fast-expanding portfolio of braking system parts, according to Bosch. The print catalog for 2014 (#2213922) features all of the company's friction lines for domestic, Asian and European... read more
Arctic Synthetic Grease
Specially formulated to withstand extreme low temperatures, the Amsoil Artic synthetic grease will ensure maximum performance and protection. The latest product provides low-temperature pumping ability in harsh climates where temperatures drop below... read more
Extended Life Oil Filters
The new line of Premium Guard Extended Life oil filters are designed to meet the growing need for filters that are able to meet the performance requirements of vehicle manufacturers' extended oil change intervals, according to International Distributors... read more
TPMS Sensor Storage
A new line of TPMS sensor storage cabinets is now available from JohnDow Dynamic. The TPMS-90 cabinet will hold up to 90 DVT sensors, according to the manufacturer, while up to 72 DVT sensors can fit into the TPMS- 72P cabinet. Both cabinets can be... read more
Winter Traction Device
AutoSock is now approved in 45 states, according to the manufacturer. The alternative traction device is a winter aid that maximizes friction on snow and ice covered roads by using a patented textile cover that uses high-performance fiber. ... read more
Magna Tyres Databook
The Magna Tyres Technical Databook 2014 features technical specifications of the whole Magna OTR product range, as well as the specifications of Magna port handling tires and industrial solid tires. The catalog also includes specific information about... read more
TPMS Integrates to Omnitracs' Platforms
Advantage PressurePro has integrated its TPMS solutions to Omnitracs' mobile computing platforms MCP110 and MCP200. The integration allows full monitoring and reporting of tire performance infor­- mation directly to the MCP110 and MCP200 in-cab... read more
HPA B240 Balancer
The B240 is a quality-made balancer by HPA. The B240 has a backlit high definition graphics with touch keypad. Additional features include automatic data input for distance and diameter and data set arm for tire width. It also features self-calibration... read more
Ranger DST64T Drive-Check
The Ranger DST64T's Drive-Check technology dramatically improves rotational measuring typically used to diagnose and repair ride disturbance complications, according to BendPak. The DST64T performs a computer generated driving simulation and then checks... read more
AUX 12 Glass Mat Battery
The AUX 12 absorbed glass mat battery for the 2014 Chevrolet Malibu is now available from ACDelco. Using stop/start technology, the engine automatically shuts off when the car comes to a stop and restarts when the driver takes his or her foot off the... read more
Coats V200 Tire/Wheel Balancer
The Coats V200 tire/wheel balancer greatly reduces balance-related comebacks by attacking the vibration’s hidden cause – residual imbalance. The V200 features Coats’ proven Direct Drive technology, which means the balancer will stay... read more
Ateq VT56 TPMS Tool
The Ateq VT56 is a multi-function TPMS tool that offers a powerful and unique TPMS relearn experience, according to the manufacturer. Available this spring, the VT56 features an ergonomic keypad and provides a modern and easy sensor triggering and ... read more
Hunter Road Force Touch Tire / Wheel Balancer
Hunter Engineering's Road Force Touch diagnostic tire/wheel balancer delivers exceptional results and performs a full diagnostic test faster than a traditional balancer, the company said. Now approved equipment for a number of OEMS including BMW and... read more
Bosch Wheel / Tire Balancer
The high performance Bosch tire/wheel balancer, WBE 4230, is designed to easily and quickly mount and balance tire/wheel assemblies. To achieve those feats, Bosch includes a high performance mounting set, quick mounting nut and an extended shaft for... read more
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