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Flushing the Steering System
February 19, 2014 Fine particles enter the hydraulic system because of mechanical stress on the steering components. Consequently, it is recommended that you flush the entire hydraulic system when replacing the power steering pump. ... read more
Advantages of Twin-Tube Shocks
February 1, 2014 Twin-tube shocks and struts have been used as original equipment on most vehicles for many years. Recently, we’ve seen more mon... read more
Wheel Bearing Failure Diagnostics
 By Andrew Markel January 30, 2014 Babcox Media research shows that half bad wheel bearing are identified and replaced when customers complain about noise. Overall, most people miss the opportunity to replace their wheel bearings as they are infrequently replaced. read more
Active Wheel Speed Sensor Diagnostics
 By Scott "Gonzo" Weaver January 27, 2014 Learn the difference between active and passive wheel speed sensor diagnostics. read more
Ride Control System Protocol - Matching The Components To The Application
 By Gary Goms August 2, 2013 During the fall of 1989, when I was working as a mechanic for an off-road desert racing team, we raced the famous Mint 400 held in Las Vegas. A... read more
Steering Geometry Diagnostics
 By Gary Goms August 1, 2013 When many of us started our careers in the wheel alignment trade, we inevitably experienced a vehicle that would come back with steering qualit... read more
Inspecting Shocks and Struts
 By Andrew Markel June 28, 2013 Shocks and struts are simple devices. Their function is to dampen the movement of the springs, suspension and vehicle pitch. This means that as... read more
Chassis Talk: Learning The Terminology Is Key To Selling The Correct Chassis Part
 By Gary Goms June 19, 2013 Just about everybody remembers the story of the Tower of Babel, in which people began speaking different languages. Unfortunately, the terminology connected with selling chassis parts often becomes its own Tower of Babel when a local alignment shop p... read more
Chassis Tech: Rear Suspension Dynamics
 By Andrew Markel May 8, 2013 Independent rear suspensions are starting to become the norm on not only cars, but SUVs of all sizes. The first advantage of an independent rear suspension is ride; the second is handling. read more
Back2Basics 5: Step-by-Step vehicle alignment
March 12, 2013 Even with today's high-tech cars, SUVs and light trucks, alignment remains an important service option for drivers and dealers alike. This installment in our Back2Basics series reviews the basics of performing a standard two- and four-wheel alignment. read more
Chassis Parts Overview
 By Larry Carley February 26, 2013 The demand for replacement chassis parts has remained fairly steady in recent years. The demand for replacement parts is a function of vehicle age and miles driven. In a soft economy, people are keeping their vehicles longer than ever before. Th... read more
Suspension and Steering System Maintenance
 By Gary Goms February 12, 2013 The most noticeable symptom of spring wear is a sagging suspension system or uneven vehicle ride height. Less common are springs that break due to metal fatigue or to a stress riser caused by corrosion or physical damage on the spring's surface. read more
Service Tech 2013
January 16, 2013 Nearly every tire dealer offers vehicle service, whether basic maintenance or complete repairs. We've compiled an extensive collection of key questions often asked by service technicians of all skill levels, and responses from our cadre of auto service experts. read more
Replacing Hubs Equipped With Wheel Speed Sensors
 By Larry Carley December 12, 2012 When engineers came up with the idea of putting the wheel speed sensor (WSS) and tone ring inside a sealed wheel bearing hub assembly, it sounded like a great idea. The sealed environment would help protect the sensor and make it less vulnerable to d... read more
Alignment Specs: Thrust Angle and Setback
 By Andrew Markel November 26, 2012 The thrust angle is an imaginary line drawn perpendicular to the rear axle’s centerline. It compares the direction that the rear axle is aimed with the centerline of the vehicle. It also confirms if the rear axle is parallel to its front axle ... read more
Torque-To-Yield Suspension Components
 By Andrew Markel November 19, 2012 What do some ball joints, tie rods and suspension components have in common with engines? The answer is Torque-to-Yield fasteners. These bolts and studs that stretch are becoming more common on vehicles not just under the hood, but also under the car. read more
Wheel Bearing Basics
 By Larry Carley November 19, 2012 Wheel bearings can be of either ball or tapered roller type. Those used for front wheel bearing applications are an angular type, which will accept greater thrust loads than a Conrad-type bearing, which will accept a 100% load in the radial or thrust position and any combination of a 100% load. A ta... read more
Bushing Testing: How to Tell When a Bushing is Bad
 By Glen Beanard November 11, 2012 There is no real maintenance schedule for a bushing beyond periodic inspection. While tie rod ends and ball joints might occasionally receive a little "thanks" for all their hard work in the form of a greasy treat, the bushing gets no such thanks. In fact, such a "treat" can mean death to a rubber b... read more
Solving Ford Memory Steer Problems
October 19, 2012 According to Affinia Global Brake and Chassis, memory steer may occur when replacing upper and lower ball joints on a Ford F250, 350 and 450 with a Dana 60 axle. Fortunately, memory steer can be easily corrected. read more
10 Alignment Service Tips
 By Andrew Markel October 19, 2012 From the importance of pre-alignment inspections to performing a test drive before a vehicle is returned to the customer, here are 10 things to keep in mind when performing an alignment. read more
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