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Street Competition
 By Joanne Draus Klein October 16, 2013 Finding the right DOT race tire for customers read more
You Gotta Carry That Weight
 By Mac Demere June 10, 2013 The correlation - and history - between "Extra Load" and low-profile performance tires. read more
A Closer Look at Speed Ratings
 By Mac Demere April 16, 2013 Explaining the difference between Z-rated tires and their less expensive counterparts to customers read more
Decreased Traction Culprits
 By Mac Demere February 12, 2013 Uncovering the "honest truth" behind customers' loss of grip complaints regarding their tires. read more
Coming to the Correct Terms
 By Mac Demere October 15, 2012 Understanding vehicle handling terminology can help when servicing performance customers. read more
Rush to Tire Fuel Efficiency With Contradictory Tasks, Unexpected Options
 By Mac Demere August 13, 2012 In the rush to make tires more environmentally friendly (or, if you want to be cynical, less environmentally unfriendly), few consider the plight of the designers of ultra-high performance tires. ... read more
Finding a 'Fix' for Performance Tire Ride Complaints
 By Mac Demere June 11, 2012 As a child, I often watched and listened at the hardware store, Sears or the like as people cornered my father and asked him endless questions. My Dad was a plastic surgeon with a particular love for trauma surgery, which he perfected... read more
Selling the Value of Quality UHP Replacement Tires
 By Mac Demere April 9, 2012 Many tire dealers say the biggest challenge in selling UHP tires is to convince customers to purchase high-quality, high-cost replacement tires. Take the time to explain to customers just how much effort - and expense - goes into developing these tires to help get them on board. read more
How Combinations of Different UHP Tires Can Be Toxic
 By Mac Demere February 15, 2012 Especially with UHP tires, unless the tires match exactly, the odd tire(s) out will almost certainly have more or less grip, making for a dangerous situation. read more
Computer Models vs. Real-World Tire Scenarios
 By Mac Demere December 7, 2011 Sometimes the best-sounding ideas don't work well in the real world. For tires, this is especially true when designers have elaborate computer models to support their fledgling ideas. ... read more
Is There Help for the 'Accidental Performance Buyer?'
 By Mac Demere October 14, 2011 Accidental performance buyers almost always identify themselves, especially by the time they get to the tire store. Accidental performance buyers will complain about the performance of their all-wheel-drive sports car in the snow. They... read more
Driving Tires on the Edge? Or Does It Just Feel That Way?
 By Mac Demere August 10, 2011 Two of the best tires I've driven on a wet test track are the Goodyear Eagle F1 GS D3 and the Toyo Proxes T1R. During assertive cornering in the dry, however, both give many non-professional drivers the false feeling that the tires are about to lose ... read more
Tire Size Allowances: All 242/43R17s Are Not Created Alike
 By Mac Demere June 13, 2011 Pick a car tire size, any auto tire dimension. Then choose a couple of different performance categories (ultra-high performance and touring work nicely for my example) from three or four manufacturers. ... read more
Weighing Summer vs. All-Season UHP Tires
 By Mac Demere April 18, 2011 Swapping UHP summer (or, better said, "three-season") tires for all-season UHP rubber is trading something you want for something you will probably never need. ... read more
'Breakfast Cruises' Bring Added Customers to Tire Dealerships
 By Joe Severns December 14, 2010 Most red-blooded Americans will agree with me – many rather enthusiastically – that doughnuts are great, in almost any form. Even vegans enjoy a Boston Cream doughnut. And although most of the officers in blue I know cringe at the old ... read more
SEMA Products
December 14, 2010 Hankook introduced the new Ventus V2 Concept high performance all-season tire, which the tiremaker said... read more
Keeping Race-Tuned Vehicles on the Road Requires Dedicated Tires
 By Joe Severns November 16, 2010 An eerily maniacal grin emanated from my buddy Steve Lobel’s face, giving me only a hint of what was to come.  I arrived in the small burg of Canton, Ga., earlier that morning to see his car – recently retrieved from the tuner s... read more
Revised CAFE Standards Afford Tiremakers New Opportunities
 By Joe Severns October 18, 2010 In the August issue of Tire Review, I began to address Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards for vehicles sold in the U.S. and what t... read more
Steering the Course at the Bridgestone Racing Academy
 By Denise Koeth October 18, 2010 With the sun beating down and heat from nearby engines surrounding me, I thought to myself, “They definitely don’t prepare you fo... read more
Giti Tire Blazes New Trail With New Champiro HPY HP Line
 By Jim Smith October 18, 2010 Giti Tire USA certainly made a lasting impression with its very first product demonstration event in North America – blistering track spee... read more
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