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Relearn Procedures Require TPMS Tool
 By Andrew Markel January 29, 2014 TPMS Tool to 'Wake Up' Sensors. read more
 By Sean Phillips October 16, 2013 A different perspective on TPMS systems and rules yields new questions that need answers read more
Real-World TPMS Tips & Tricks
August 23, 2013 Straight from the field, several service tips for reducing comebacks and putting customers at ease read more
The End of the Beginning
July 18, 2013 As TPMS grows up, let’s recap the shortcomings of first-gen sensors and take a look at what’s ahead read more
TPMS Diagnostic Strategies
 By Larry Carley May 14, 2013 Dig a little deeper to find the true causes of the most puzzling TPMS problems. read more
Making the Seasonal Change
 By Andrew Markel March 12, 2013 It's important to consider TPMS sensors when changing over winter tires - and vice-versa. read more
TPMS Update: Sensor Replacement
 By Andrew Markel March 2, 2013 More than 68 million vehicles on the road today have direct TPMS systems. With the average age of a vehicle on the road lasting more than 10 years, a vehicle with four TPMS sensors will have all of its TPMS sensor replaced during the life of the vehi... read more
2012 TPMS TSBs in Review
 By Andrew Markel February 12, 2013 A quick review of the top technical service bulletins on TPMS service issues from all the automakers. read more
TPMS: Take Time to Know the Options
 By Asa Sharp December 26, 2012 At the recent Technology and Maintenance Council meeting, the beliefs and long-offered advice of the most experienced tire engineers were confirmed and documented: specifically that maintaining proper tire inflation consistently saves fuel. read more
TPMS Sensor Swapping
 By Andrew Markel November 19, 2012 Addressing the main causes of sensor failure and reviewing tips for their replacement read more
Nine Tips to Cut TPMS Comebacks and Improve Productivity
 By Andrew Markel October 15, 2012 If it is Out, it Doesn't Mean it Will Stay Out Even if the TPMS light is out when the vehicle leaves the service bay, it does not mean the light will not come on later. Usually, this happens when the customer is driving h... read more
The 11 Commandments of Proper TPMS Service
 By Andrew Markel October 15, 2012 Cut comebacks and boost profits by following the 11 Commandments of proper TPMS service. read more
Common TPMS Service Questions and Answers
 By Andrew Markel July 16, 2012 What is one of the leading causes of TPMS sensor failure? Corrosion. Sensors or sensor stems can be damaged by corrosion from road salts, moisture, missing valve caps or galvanic corrosion. The use of dissimilar metals or non-... read more
TPMS Service Requires Customer Education
 By Rudy Consolacion May 7, 2012 TIA has done a sensational job in helping to educate the tire industry by providing training and educational materials regarding proper TPMS service, but the majority of consumers still lack the knowledge of TPMS and the safety benefits it provides. read more
Other Energy Options Sought as the End of TPMS Battery Life Nears
 By Rudy Consolacion March 12, 2012 First generation TPMS sensors are nearing the end of their battery life, so it's a perfect time to take a look at the new technologies being developed to increase TPMS sensor service life without compromising performance. read more
NHTSA Clarifies 'Make Inoperative' Provisions of TPMS Regs
 By Rudy Consolacion January 16, 2012 In early 2011, TIA reached out to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) regarding scenarios that tire retailers commonly face when servicing vehicles equipped with TPMS. TIA was specifically addressing the so-called "make ino... read more
As TPMS Evolves, Technology Expands Into Commercial Segment
 By Skip Scherer August 10, 2011 No federal mandate exists for TPMS in the trucking industry, but that hasn't stopped TPMS manufacturers and marketers from keeping busy developing technology for over-the-road rigs and much larger equipment, such as earthmovers. ... read more
TPMS for Trucks: One Size May Not Fit All
 By Asa Sharp July 5, 2011 It appears that tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) are poised to enter the age of modern reliable electronics. This should be a very good thing for the trucking industry. I believe that TPMS will become standard equipment on new over-the-road tr... read more
Lawsuit Surfaces as Universal TPMS Sensor Offerings Grow
 By Skip Scherer June 13, 2011 The automotive aftermarket has become crowded with universal TPMS sensors. The company laying claim to pioneering it all says it welcomes the competition, but wants a level playing field. For the last few years, "one-size-fits-all&... read more
Changing TPMS Sensor Batteries
 By Skip Scherer April 18, 2011 It's time to charge up tire dealers' customer education campaigns for TPMS sensor replacement as the life expectancies of batteries molded into sensors begin to run out. ... read more
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