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Breaking Down Total Tire Cost
 By Al Cohn March 1, 2014 Commercial fleets measure the success of their tire program primarily through the cost/mile metric. One might think that the cost/mile metric would be a simple calculation, but it is quite a complex process that requires a thorough understanding of all the pieces and parts. read more
Tire Selection for 6x4 vs. 6x2 Power Units
 By Asa Sharp February 17, 2014 Tire selection is about to become more complex. Commercial truck tires have evolved to be axle specific, and in nearly all Class 4 to 8 applications, have become service condition-specific. The three major service distinctions are city pick-up... read more
Defining Truck Tire Underinflation
February 14, 2014 Defining underinflation seems like a simple enough question, and it is if we’re talking solely about passenger cars or light-duty trucks. This is not the case, however, for Class 5-8 highway trucks. read more
Rolling as Part of a System
 By Asa Sharp February 12, 2014 Truck tire problems often tie to more than just 'tire problems,' in recent years. read more
Fuel Efficiency: Low-Rolling Resistant Tires
 By Kristen Criswell February 1, 2014 Using low-rolling resistant tires truly affects a fleet's bottom line. read more
New Year Fleet Resolutions
 By Al Cohn January 20, 2014 Tires continue to be a large cost and concern for commercial trucking fleets in 2014. read more
Interact, Review, Improve
 By Al Cohn November 20, 2013 It's the best time to look back, review tire performance, and make recommendations for 2014. read more
Super Wide Value
 By Joanne Draus Klein November 20, 2013 More - and less - rubber on the road can be true financial benefit to fleets. read more
Truck Tires: Rules & Regulations
 By Al Cohn October 16, 2013 Wealth of government regs impact truck tires, but can dealers help meet requirements? read more
Yokohama Mississippi Groundbreaking
 By Kristen Criswell October 15, 2013 Yokohama Tire Corp. broke ground on a medium truck tire manufacturing plant in West Point, Miss., on Sept. 23. The facility is the first manufacturing plant the tiremaker has built from the ground up in the U.S. Hikomitsu Noji, preside... read more
Truck Tire Inflation: Clearing the Air
 By Asa Sharp October 14, 2013 It’s common knowledge in our industry that all tire guys preach the benefits of maintaining proper truck tire inflation. With recent steep escalations in tire pricing, coupled with all-time high emphasis on the best fuel economy possible, most... read more
Heavy Focus Back on Firestone Brand Truck Tires
 By Kristen Criswell August 23, 2013 Bridgestone Americas has decided to make 2013 the “Year of Firestone.” On the commercial side, this means promotion, investment and innovation.  “Our goal is to make Firestone the number one tier-two brand in... read more
Troubleshooting Truck Tire Issues
 By Al Cohn July 18, 2013 Optimize a fleet's tire program with proper inflation pressure, tread wear education read more
Truck Tire MPG vs. Removal Mileage
 By Al Cohn May 14, 2013 Calculate the true cost benefits of mileage vs. fuel savings to create a win-win for customers read more
Proper Truck Tire Sizing
 By Asa Sharp May 7, 2013 There are lots of incentives in today’s transportation business to maximize efficiencies by carefully matching equipment—especially trucks—to the tasks at hand. Recent new truck sales reports from Wards show that purchases of Class 3... read more
When Your Tires Leave, Know Why
 By Asa Sharp April 12, 2013 The old adage “what you don’t know won’t hurt you” certainly shouldn’t apply to your tire program. In fact, the more you know, the greater the opportunities for reducing costs and improving efficiencies. ... read more
Returning Idled Tires to Service
 By Asa Sharp April 10, 2013 Truck tires, unlike many automobile and light truck tires, are all about performance and life-cycle costs. In fact, if truck tires are used within their engineered parameters of load/inflation/speed and are properly maintained, near continuous use wo... read more
Consider All Aspects of a Fleet Tire Program
 By Asa Sharp April 9, 2013 "Iridescent" is a word you probably haven't associated with your tire program. However, it may describe a concept fleet managers should be thinking about when considering outsourcing and maintenance. Iridescent is defined as &... read more
Comfort, Familiarity Still Count in Truck Tire Service
 By Al Cohn March 12, 2013 Examining what fleets want - and what they really need - from truck tire service suppliers. read more
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