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Diesel Injection Components
 By Bob McDonald April 7, 2014 Coming to terms with the common rail diesel injection system is not an easy task. read more
Compressor Inspection May Lead To Worn Clutch Problem
March 17, 2014 Pinpoint the exact problem with a customer's A/C system without hesitation. read more
Catalytic Converters: New Diagnostic Strategies
March 11, 2014 Most catalytic converter failures trace to problems in the combustion chamber, not to defects in the converter. read more
Essential Tools for Keeping Vehicles in Top-Notch Condition
March 1, 2014 In the modern era of reduced vehicle maintenance requirements, it’s easy to develop a complacent attitude toward selling automotive chemicals. But, in our current market, automotive chemicals have become far more than just “snake... read more
Inspecting Brake Hydraulic Systems: Worn Components Take Their Toll on Advanced Suspension Technologies
 By Gary Goms February 24, 2014 Gain expertise for when inspecting brake hydraulic systems. read more
Judging Brake Pads
 By Andrew Markel February 20, 2014 Do you trust your brake pads? read more
Flushing the Steering System
February 19, 2014 Fine particles enter the hydraulic system because of mechanical stress on the steering components. Consequently, it is recommended that you flush the entire hydraulic system when replacing the power steering pump. ... read more
Hand Wire Splicing for Sensitive Connections
 By Scott "Gonzo" Weaver February 19, 2014 Get the hang of splicing wire when solving electrical service problems. read more
Building Oil Change Profits One Job at a Time
 By Gary Goms February 16, 2014 Make larger profits out of smaller oil, lubrication and filter change jobs. read more
GM Autoride
February 11, 2014 The key to the popularity of the full-sized SUVs is in the GM Autoride rear air suspension. read more
Brake Booster and the Barometer
 By Gene Markel February 10, 2014 Get a bit of a science lesson to help when dealing with brake boosters. read more
Servicing Brakes: I've Finally Found My Match
February 9, 2014 Brakes are one of the most common repairs consumers want fixed today. Dealers who master brake service can increase profits. read more
Take Charge Of A/C
 By Larry Carley February 7, 2014 Get familiar with what refrigerants are used in automotive A/C systems, as not all use the same type. read more
Advantages of Twin-Tube Shocks
February 1, 2014 Twin-tube shocks and struts have been used as original equipment on most vehicles for many years. Recently, we’ve seen more mon... read more
Extended Oil Change Intervals
 By Gary Goms February 1, 2014 Filter replacement intervals are designed to minimize maintenance expense for the vehicle owner. read more
Diagnostic Solutions: Modern Spark Plug Diagnostics and the 'Art and Science' of Reading Plugs
 By Gary Goms January 30, 2014 With the advent of electronic engine management systems, “reading” spark plugs has become something of a lost art. In the days of mechanical carburetors and distributors, the color and texture of the spark plug’s insulator... read more
Seven Brake Hardware Items
 By Andrew Markel January 30, 2014 These items are not to be neglected to prevent comebacks. read more
Wheel Bearing Failure Diagnostics
 By Andrew Markel January 30, 2014 Babcox Media research shows that half bad wheel bearing are identified and replaced when customers complain about noise. Overall, most people miss the opportunity to replace their wheel bearings as they are infrequently replaced. read more
Pulling Codes: Hit or Miss? Part III
 By Carlton Banks January 28, 2014 Explore in-cylinder analysis with pulling codes. read more
Active Wheel Speed Sensor Diagnostics
 By Scott "Gonzo" Weaver January 27, 2014 Learn the difference between active and passive wheel speed sensor diagnostics. read more
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