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New Premium Tour Line from Hercules

July 19, 2011
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Hercules Tire & Rubber Co. has introduced the Hercules Ultra Tour LE, an all-season premium touring line.

The new tire "features advanced components and intelligent design that work in unison to deliver a luxury ride with performance handling," according to Hercules.
The Hercules Ultra Tour LE
Product features include a silica tread compound for all-season traction and tread life, a modified lay nylon technology for stability, even treadwear and ride quality, deep grooves and heavy siping for hydroplaning resistance and traction, and special bead construction and sidewall configuration for responsiveness and cornering.

“Consumers shouldn’t have to make compromises when they purchase a value brand. And with the Hercules Ultra Tour LE, they’ll never have to,” said Joshua Simpson, vice president of marketing for Hercules.

The Ultra Tour LE is available in 16 sizes, covering 15- to 18-inch wheel diameters. The V-rated version comes with a 60,000-mile limited mileage warranty and carries a UTQG of 500AA, while the H-rated version has a 65,000-mile limited mileage warranty and a UTQG of 540AA. The line also has a road hazard warranty and is part of Hercules’ 30-day “Trust Our Ride” program.