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Product Spotlight: Tire Dealer Software

June 13, 2011
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There was a time when the term "dealer software" meant an accounting or simple point-of-sale application. Now, such software encompasses much more, from consolidating and seamlessly integrating back-office chores such as ordering and inventory management to tracking customer vehicle and service history. There are applications to facilitate e-commerce and scheduling and coordinate personalized e-mail marketing. Other applications can engage customers by allowing them, with a few mouse clicks, to visualize their make and model of car with any number of new wheel and tire combinations fitted.

While there are many generic retail store software applications available, those created specifically for tire dealers offer the most real-world utility. These applications have been created and tweaked by and for tire dealerships and their particular needs. Customizable solutions can be adapted to fit any size shop, from a single location to multiple stores, and have such features as trend reporting and lock-out to limit who has access to certain information.

Aftersoft Network N.A.
Aftersoft provides point-of-sale and e-commerce software to retail, wholesale, commercial and retread tire dealers, and automotive service centers. The company describes its VAST Enterprise POS app as a scalable, feature-rich solution that has been installed in both single and multi-location tire dealerships throughout North America. OpenWebs is marketed as a cost-effective Internet-based B2B and B2C e-commerce platform that delivers tire and auto part sourcing solutions. Users can instantly locate tires or parts and seamlessly complete transactions between suppliers and customers, according to the company.

AllData Manage is a shop management system designed to help protect your revenue stream, maximize profitability and efficiently manage your customers and business, according to the company. The system features electronic parts ordering with access to parts catalogs from AutoZone, WHI Solutions/Nexpart, Internet AutoParts, Activant, Autoi and WorldPac. AllData adds the software can quickly generate professional quotes and repair orders; offers efficient vehicle and technician scheduling; and integrates with QuickBooks. It also allows shops to incorporate scheduled maintenance services into the job, complete with parts and labor, and automatically import often-overlooked charges, such as shop supplies and hazmat fees, the company says.
Andreoli & Associates

Andreoli & Associates Inc.
Building on Andreoli & Associates’ 25 year history, HITS BPOS is the company’s next generation (cloud-based) POS software for the tire and auto service industry. As the company’s flagship product, this system integrates with several complementing software services including Activant parts and labor cataloging and two leading tire image databases. The software can also integrate with virtually any business back office accounting system including QuickBooks, the company says. Most recently, the company announced the integration of a retail online appointment scheduling system.
ASA Tire Systems

ASA Tire Systems

ASA Tire Systems delivers licensed and hosted software tools geared to help tire dealers, auto repair shops and retreaders manage all facets of their tire and auto service businesses. Comprised of a series of specialized interfaced modules, the company says its software systems can be tailored to suit the point-of-sale, e-commerce, order processing, accounting and business management needs of any size retail, wholesale or retread tire or automotive operation. Whether the tire or automotive business is one single store or multi-location, with online sales of tires and other automotive aftermarket products, ASA says it can empower the dealer to maximize profits, streamline operations and provide superb customer service with its business software and technology.

AutoWare Technologies

Autoware Technologies
For over 15 years, AutoWare Technologies has been providing tools to help retailers increase their sales of custom wheels and tires through its SoftWheels NX, TreadWare and NextWheels Online software programs. The company recently launched its new NextWheels Online program featuring MGP Caliper Covers. The core application allows users to select a vehicle, modify the color, ride height and window tint and then preview how different custom wheels and tires will look on the car. With the new “Brake” feature, users can also preview MGP caliper covers in various colors. Caliper covers enhance the wheel’s appearance, reduce brake dust and are easy to install, the company notes.

50 Below
50 Below

After studying tire customers and their shopping habits for over a decade, 50 Below research shows that vehicle fitment is the number one way that customers like to shop online. The company says its Tire Selection Guide gives customers an easy, more satisfying shopping experience on dealer websites, bringing fitment selection and installation scheduling together. Customers easily select tires that fit their vehicle. They quickly move from tire selection to the dealer’s garage, and ultimately they are happier throughout the process, the company says. Because customers research, select tires and schedule installation online with the software, more free time is available in the dealership for dealers and customers to chat about upsell and add-on opportunities. Also, consumers who research online and buy offline will purchase additional products and services in the store, according to the company.


MaddenCo Inc.
MaddenCo provides integrated software point-of-sale and accounting systems to independent tire dealers and truck stop service centers. For independent tire dealers, MaddenCo notes that it provides retail, wholesale, commercial and retreading operations with full POS and accounting integration to MaddenCo’s own accounts payable and general ledger applications. For truck stops, MaddenCo provides a retail solution for the service center, with full integration to MaddenCo’s back office accounting programs. Large or small, simple or complex, tire dealer or service center, MaddenCo says it has a comprehensive solution needed to compete in today’s business environment.


Mitchell1 says its application integrates seamlessly with a dealer’s current management system to offer diagnostics, repair information, TSBs, recalls, maintenance requirements, parts prices, labor times, vintage information, fluid types and volumes that have been reproduced directly from OEM-published works. All this information is then combined to create the wiring diagrams, user tips and shortcuts that make up Mitchell1’s The company says it has worked closely with its customers to incorporate productivity-enhancing features designed to increase a shop’s image and bottom line.

Net Driven
Net Driven is a provider of websites, e-commerce and Internet marketing products to the tire and auto service industries. Founded and managed by a team with deep automotive and Internet experience, the company says it is committed to providing effective and affordable web solutions to tire and repair dealers. It cites statistics that
Net Driven
currently 50% of consumers are influenced by the Internet when shopping for tires and service. Net Driven says it helps capture the attention of these consumers and drives traffic to a dealer’s business using its proprietary website and e-commerce products and Internet marketing services.

Tire Company Solutions
TCS offers business management software, e-commerce and a web presence. The company’s software is Windows-based and was made to streamline all facets of a tire and automotive service center, or even a tire wholesale operation. The company says its Tire Power software provides: an invoicing system; a comprehensive, simple-to-use inventory control system; a full accounting package with general ledger; tracking of full customer profile, including vehicle data;
complete vendor ordering account information; and easy access to all accounting history. As a result, dealers see reduced paperwork, less invoicing time and greater customer satisfaction. To integrate online ordering, TCS offers a wholesale app, ePower, and a retail app, Web Power.

WECnology provides complimentary recommendations of trusted, preferred technology providers with actual tire industry expertise. The company’s network of technology providers is dedicated to serving the tire industry and helping dealers of any size maximize their return on any technology investment. This advisory service is provided at no additional cost to the tire dealer. Technologies include POS software, e-commerce, business software, websites,
search engine optimization, Internet marketing, social media marketing, telecommunications, data communications, credit/debit card payment optimization and AskPatty Certified Female Friendly training and certification. The advisers guide clients through the technology jungle and match their requirements with the right technology providers to meet their clients’ needs.