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Thieves Nick Tires, Wheels Off Detroit Mayor's Security SUV

September 02, 2010
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Detroit Mayor Dave Bing
No doubt, Detroit has a well-earned reputation as being a pretty rough place, and current economic times and an unemployment rate above 25% has made the city worse.

Just as Detroit Mayor Dave Bing found out.

Someone swiped the tires and wheels off one of his assigned security vehicles.

Police and city officials are investigating the theft, which occurred outside of a condo complex in the city where the GM Yukon Denali security SUV was parked overnight. Bing has no association with that complex, and police want to know why the security vehicle was there.

The black Denali was found on blocks the morning of Sept. 1. It is not his primary security vehicle, and Bing was at his home when the theft happened.

“It’s just another black eye for the city. We’re a laughing stock,” political consultant Adolph Mongo told the Detroit News. “If the mayor of Detroit can’t be protected from theft, how can the average citizen be protected? That’s a powerful and misguided message. It would be funny if it wasn’t pathetic. This city is in trouble.”
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avatar   Red   star   9/2/2010   12:04 PM

That city has been in trouble since bluedogs and unions took control. The city is hemorrhaging now at the brink of death thanks to them. That is why it is 40% the size it was in the 1950s. And also why there is more than 95 square miles of vacant or abandoned land (larger than the city of Boston).