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Ohio Bill Allows Non-Franchised Garages Reimbursement For Warranty, Recall Repairs

June 11, 2010
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The Automotive Service Association is lauding a bill passed by the Ohio legislature that allows automobile manufacturers to reimburse non-franchised repair facilities for labor and parts used in “emergency service” for warranty or recall work.

The legislature has sent Senate Bill 204, the Motor Vehicle Dealer Franchise legislation, sponsored by state Sen. Mark Wagoner, to Governor Ted Strickland’s office for signature. The legislation provides guidelines for automobile dealer-automobile manufacturer relationships in Ohio, ASA said.

“I am very proud of our ASA team in Ohio. Our members contacted legislators and encouraged them to open the door on warranty and recall repair reimbursements for independents,” said Joe Sanfillipo III, chairman of ASA’s Ohio affiliate. “ASA-Ohio was also successful in removing legislative language that would prevent automobile manufacturers from selling parts and tools to independents. This is a case of the legislative process working for the small business community.”

To view the text of the bill, visit and select “Track Legislation.”
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avatar   David Polsky   star   6/13/2010   9:24 PM

I own shops in a wealthy retirement community where many new cae qwners are unable, at 80 plus years old, to make the 35 plus mile drive to the dealer. They should not have to pay for repairs just for fear of driving to the Dealer that sold them the car. They were more than happy to deliver the new car

avatar   Ed    star   6/11/2010   10:52 AM

Wow! This would create a new option. Would we as independents be reimbursed the same rate as Dealers?

I expect the effect would not hurt dealers much so long as the customer was not paying the bill.

The gain is that the bubble of "Dealer required repairs/maintenance exclusively" would be burst.