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Goodyear-Made BioIsoprene Tires at UN Conference

December 03, 2009
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Copenhagen is hosting the United Nations Climate Change Conference, and present at the event will be the world's first concept demonstration tires made with bioIsoprene technology.

This breakthrough substance, which replaces a petrochemically produced ingredient used in the manufacture of synthetic rubber with renewable biomass, made its debut in the Danish city in early December.

Several tires, produced in collaboration between Goodyear and industrial biotechnology company Genencor, were shipped to Copenhagen. One will make appearances at several events during the conference. Others will be displayed in several locations, including at Copenhagen International Airport’s departure lounge through to Dec. 21.

“Goodyear's first concept tire manufactured with bioIsoprene shows the enormous progress we have made in using a bio-based alternative to the petroleum-derived isoprene in our production process,” said Jesse Roeck, director of global materials science at Goodyear. “The development of bioIsoprene could make Goodyear less dependent on oil-derived products. We share Genencor's vision of lessening industry impact on the environment by applying renewable raw materials.”

Beyond tires, bioIsoprene is expected to offer vast potential in other applications, such as other rubber products and adhesives. The market for the product could reach up to five billion kilograms per year by 2012, said Genencor. The company plans to bring the technology to pilot stage within two years, followed by commercial production. (Tyres & Accessories)