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1 Talk to the driver. Always ask questions at the time the vehicle is written up. Find out why customers think they need an...Read More

If even only one of your trucks is used in an application during which it is at highway speeds and you're not using fuel...Read More

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Cars have come a long way since the first “production” vehicles made by Karl Benz. Power steering, automatic transmission, ABS systems and even TPMS,...Read More

You tell yourself, you’re the best tire dealership in your area. But, how do you really know that’s true? Do you have basis for...Read More

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What ever happened to the $19.95 oil change? The answer is that it disappeared, along with the “dinosaur” oils of the day. Using the...Read More

We have all been in a situation where the customer comes in with a damaged or leaking shock/strut that needs immediate attention, while the...Read More

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"I pay myself $100,000 per year, plus al the cash I can take!" That was the response I got when, as a young shop owner,...Read More

From the growth in recycling and conservation efforts to increasing alternative energy sources and electric vehicle production, it’s clear that the “go green” movement...Read More

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